Environmental Services



Our Environmental Services include:

  • Trade Waste testing programs
  • Air Quality testing (see below)
  • Contaminated Land Assessment (see below)
  • Stationary source emission testing and monitoring
  • Safety and Environment Management Plan audit (SEMP) of commercial and local ports (appointed auditor).
  • Pilot plant trials
  • Odour surveys
  • State discharge license compliance
  • Plume dispersion modelling
  • Scrubber efficiency trials
  • Plant commissioning
  • Nation Pollution Inventory (NPI) reporting
  • Calibration of Constant Emission Monitoring Systems (CEM’s)



Air Quality Testing

Eva and Associates Pty Ltd offers a wide range of emission sampling services to assist clients in monitoring air quality discharges to comply with EPA legislative requirements.

Our experienced and qualified consultants have conducted air monitoring and waste programmes Australia wide and are trained to assess the issues and provide cost effective solutions.  We provide accurate data and detailed interpretation of workplaces air emissions, ensuring responsible management of industrial air discharges are carried out.

Sampling capabilities exist for the following general classes of contaminants:

  • Particulate matter and metals
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Acid gases
  • Oxides of nitrogen
  • Total hydrocarbons
  • Semi-volatile organic compounds
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Sulphur trioxide/dioxide
  • Chlorides/Fluorides

Land Contamination

Land contaminated with hazardous substances such as heavy metals, pesticides and hydrocarbons pose a risk to human health and the environment. Land contamination can occur as a result of poor environmental management and waste disposal practices, use of contaminated land fill , leaking underground storage tanks and accidental spills in industrial, agricultural or commercial  activities.

Service stations, chemical plants, tanneries, cattle dips, fuel and oil storage, foundries and landfills are industries or common land users often associated with site contamination. Current Contaminated Land Management legislation ensures such land occupants are obligated to identify, notify and manage contaminated land.

Eva and Associates Pty Ltd provide the following services associated with contaminated sites:

  • Site contamination assessments
  • Preparation of remedial action plans (RAP) and site management plans
  • Validation sampling and reporting
  • Remediation project management
  • Advice on remediation technology
  • Environmental air, noise, and water monitoring
  • Trade waste monitoring