Project Status: 

December has come around quickly and as expected, the Eva team have been on the go in the lead up to Christmas!

Last week, COH Brian Eva and Senior WHS Consultant Zac McGann travelled up north to conduct a week long SEMP audit for the Port of Darwin. This followed on from a three day stint in Canberra for both, where training was undertaken for the Department of Defence Work Health and Safety Panel.

This week, Brian made a quick stop off back in Melbourne to continue Live Theatre Risk Assessment work for a brand new musical; as well as a quick dash down the Mornington Peninsula for another Port SEMP audit, before jumping back on the plane to attend the 2015 AIOH Conference in Perth. Junior OHS Consultant Michael Eva has also made the trip to Perth to attend his first AIOH event.

For Zac, more travel is on the cards this week with a trip to Brisbane planned to carry out an explosive limits assessment.

Plenty of work to be done and km's to be covered before we see out 2015!

Stay tuned!