Contains, controls and picks up unwanted liquid spills, and removes sheen from floors, work surfaces and driveways. It is an alternative to mineral-base products such as clay and diatomaceous earth. Through capillary action, the absorbed liquids are locked into cellulose fibre, preventing leaching and handling problems common with clay and diatomaceous earth. Spill-Dri's cellulose fibres contain no silica dust (a known cause of silicosis and probable carcinogen) common with most mineral sorbetns.


Spill-Sorb™ contains, controls, and cleans up floor spills around the plant, shop, home, and garage. It is made from 100% reclaimed cellulose fibres that absorb liquids of all kinds on contact - including oils, solvents, water-based liquids, colorants and non-aggressive chemicals. These fibres prevent the leaching and handling problems that occur with clay and diatomaceous earth. Spill-Sorb™ is also lightweight, easy to handle, and non-abrasive.


The Slikstopper is designed to fit over stormwater drains, grates and manholes in the event of a liquid spill, thereby preventing pollutants from entering waterways.


  • Easily deployed and removed
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Manufactured from high quality PVC to ensure leak prevention
  • Inert to water, petroleum based products and most caustics
  • Reusable and easily stored
  • Hard wearing and abrasion resistant.
  • Available in 61, 92 and 107 cm (squared)

Standard Cabinets

  • Galvanised steel shelves, adjustable on 12cm centres, support 160 kg
  • Internal and External welded construction with 3.8cm air space
  • 5cm raised leakproof sill
  • 5cm vents with fire baffles and caps
  • Ground connection
  • Lead free high gloss polyester hybrid powder baked finish
  • 3-point key lock doors
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