Organic Sorbents

Organic sorbents are environmentally responsible from origin to disposal. Produced from the cellulose pulp reclaimed in the manufacturing of paper products, the absorbents instantly act on the contact of liquids. Using a capillary action the wood fibres can absorb and retain 6-10 times its own weight in liquid. Furthermore, the organic sorbents can be easily disposed of by incineration, bioremediation or landfill depository. 

Absorbent W.

Instantly absorbs and retains hydrocarbons (oil-based liquids) while repelling water - even when saturated. Hydrocarbons are absorbed into the cellulose fibres and do not leach or drain, making them ideal for the clean-up of oil-based liquids on or near water.  

Useful for protecting and removing contaminants from a wide variety of marine settings, including shorelines, jetties, wharves, marinas, docks, harbours, lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, wetlands, inland waters, etc.

Absorbent GP (General Purpose)

Comes in particulate, pillows, socks, natural fibre pads, natural fibre rolls, and barrel tops. Absorbent GP™ absorbs all types of liquids on contact (except for full-strength inorganic acids and caustic solutions). Liquids are absorbed through capillary action and locked into cellulose fibre's, preventing leaching and handling problems of clay and polypropylene sorbents

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