Polypropylene Sorbents

General Purpose Maintenance

GP General Purpose maintenance pads and rolls can be used to clean up virtually any liquid. GP is gray in colour to help hide the dirt. GP Sorbents are basic, universal products that perform well and are more competitively priced. These hard-working products are constructed of high quality, single-ply, dimpled universal polypropylene, and are equally effective in absorbing oil, water or chemicals. 


Dependable flexible tubes that contain and absorb liquids , helping to  maintain clean and safe work environments. SOC's mold around corners and conform to uneven surfaces to prevent and soak up spills and drips. These products are available in a variety of types and sizes.

Pillow - Slikwik, Allwik and Hazwick

Absorbent Slikwik pillows meet a variety of clean up and safety needs. Frequently combined with drip pans, these pillows are excellent for absorbing spills and leaking fluids in tight spaces. Your choices include Oil Only pillows, used in waste troughs, coolant tanks, fluid reservoirs and sump wells; AllwikTM, for absorption of oil, water and chemicals; and Hazwik, intended for use with hazardous materials. Pillows are available in a wide range of sizes.

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