Spill Pallets and Work Stations

2 Drum Workstation

(also available in 4 & 6)

Eva & Associates' workstations are the easiest to load with low profile deign and optional ramp. One-piece construction optimises space for increased durability, safety and efficiency. With ample sump capacity in each Workstation, this secondary containment product is perfect for a dispensing station or work centre. Each Workstation is designed for stand-alone use or combines with other Workstations for a customised work area and efficiency

In-Line Poly-Spill Pallet 3000

You'll be surprised how much new space you'll be able to find around the plant floor when you start storing drums on the In-Line Poly Spillpallet 3000. Start storing in-line near the wall, between columns, and in all those spaces you thought were unusable...until now. This is just another innovative way to help manage your hazardous materials

2 Drum Poly-Spill Pallet 2000

Protect employees and prevent costly clean ups by keeping overflows and spills off the floor and in the Poly-Spillpallet 2000 where they can be easily recovered. This secondary containment product is engineered the rigours of today's regulatory environment.

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